Photos of the AHS Class of 1964

(last updated - 7-28-14)

Washinton TWP
New Sharon Elementary School - 1960

Allentown Elementary School - 1960

Millstone 1960
Millstone Elementary School - 1960

New Egypt Mr Mason
New Egypt Elementary School 1960 (Mr. Mason)

New Egypt Ms Kearns
New Egypt Elementary School - 1960 (Ms Kearns)

3rd grade party
1950 Hilda Freiberger's Third Grade Party
Girls from Hilda's 3rd grade party - a few years later.

Below are 6 Photos from October 3 - Meet and Greet at the Plumstead Grille

Oct3 meet&greet
Bob and Gloria Warwick

Oct3 meet&greet
Mitch, Hilda and Pat

Oct3 meet&greet
Phyllis and Richard Heller

Oct3 meet&greet
Phyllis, Rich and Susan

Oct3 meet&greet
Barb and Carol

Oct3 meet&greet
Susan and Linda

Below are photos from the reunion weekend, including the AHS 50+ reunion

Reunion weekend
Cranbury Inn Chett, Hilda, Joyce, Sheila, Bob

Donna Goff center Joyce, Hilda, Barbara, Linda Riephoff, Sherry

Joyce, Sherry, Donna

Carol Papp and Joanne M Sunday

Judy, Pat and Carol on Sunday

Mitch Cooper and Linda Ruther Sunday

Sunday Hilda and Joyce

Sunday Hilda and Linda Riephoff

Sunday Mr Fish and Hilda

Sunday, Susanne, Linda Riep, Judy, Linda S

Carolyn and Barbara, presenting our Sophomore Year

 Linda Riephoff with the Invocation and Sandy Alton in the audience

Master of Ceremony Pat Levine and Linda Riephoff

Pat Levine, MC

Susanne and Phyllis presenting our senior year

Master of Ceremony Mitch Cooper

 Molly, Sheila, Lynda Roszel and husband Tom Fote

Dale Watson, Doug Chappell, Dolores Hudson, Carol Papp

 Suzanne Schmidt, Ed Brady, Linda Riephoff

Willie May, Linda and Roz, Dennis Todd, Len Butler

Suzanne Schmidt, Elaine Joy, Phyllis Parry Heller, Judy Ireland

Larry Eisenberg and friend Michelle

One Yummy Redbird

 Red Bird Cookies, home made and decorated by Phyllis and Suzanne

 Willie May Booth Sanders with MC Pat Levine

Larry Eisenberg and MC Pat Levine

 Sunday Luncheon Carolyn Wishart and sister Marie, Judy Ireland and Carol Papp

Sunday Elaine Joy, Judy Ireland, Bob Warwick

Judy, Suszanne, Hilda, Linda Riep and Linda Salmansohn

Molly D, Suzie H, Sandy A, Rich Heller, Lynda Rozsel, Susan T, Sheila M

Molly Delzell  and Suzie Hozdala

Pat Levine and Linda Ruther

Rosemary's Table

Doug Elliott, Georgette, Paul Jordan,Mitch,Carol Papp, Phyllis, Judy, Bob Warwick, Seated Pat Elliott, Carolyn Wishart, Marie Wishart

Linda and Roz

Mitch and Lynn Cooper

Pat Levine  and Barbara Schurter

Karen and Chett Rette

1964 Group Photo