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Anchorage skyline
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Anchorage Skyline We flew to Anchorage to start our journey.
Eli-Devils Canyon
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Captain Eli maneuvers the jetboat up the Susitna River
Rapids-Devils Canyon
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Rapids in Devil's Canyon
Pat-Me-Devils Canyon
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Pat and I enjoy the ride.
Rotting Salmon
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A salmon after completing his mating run up the river.
Fish wheel
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A fish wheel doing a study for a proposed dam on the river.
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A bald eagle near it's nest.
Pat-Me-Denali trail
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Pat and I took a walk at the Denali visitor center.
Bull Moose - pair
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I thought these 2 bull moose might begin to fight, but they didn't.
Bull Moose
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This one ran right past the bus.
Dall sheep - group
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We saw quite a few Dall sheep grazing.
Dall sheep - eating
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A Dall ram getting a bite to eat.
Dall sheep
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Denali Park was established to protect these sheep.
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Pat and me at a rest stop during our 8 hour tour in the park.
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A caribou in Denali
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A grissly fattening up on berries for the winter.
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Pat at a viewing area in the tundra.
Denali tundra
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Some beautiful tundra with a glacial river running through it.
Denali Tundra-Mt McKinnly BGRD
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Mt McKinley is suppose to be in the middle of this photo.
Train engine
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The locomotive that took us from Denali to Whittier to catch our ship.
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The Coral Princess. Our home for the next 7 nights.
Ship - State room
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Our state room.
Ship - upper deck
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They showed movies each evening on the upper deck, but not many people braved the cool weather.
Hubbard Glacier
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Hubbard Galacier from a distance.
Hubbard Glacier-close
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A Glacier, up close.
Pat balcony
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Pat enjoys the view from the balcony of our state room.
Mountain glow-2
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There's some sun on those mountains!
Watching you watching me
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Watching you, watching me. Crew taking photos of guests on their balconies.
Sea lions
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A bunch of sea lions resting on the rocks.
National Geographic - Sea Bird
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We passed a National Geographic boat one day.
Dining table group
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We chose "Traditional Dining" and enjoyed the company of our dinner mates each evening. Left-Denis and Francine (Montreal) Right-Ward and Maryann (Maryland)
Whitepass train-1
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The White Pass railway took us through the mountains in Skagway.
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A bus took us up and the train took us down on our 8 hour journey.
Whitepass train-Bridal falls
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The train goes over Bridal Falls.
Carcross Desert
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The "Carcross Desert" was created from the silt left by galciers 10,000 years ago.
Emerald Lake
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Beautiful Emerald Lake.
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Pat holds an Alaska husky puppy while Mama looks on
Huskies - raring to go
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Huskies raring to go while being hooked up for a run.
Gene - climbing denali
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The only mountain climbing I did.
Train - mountain
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The train takes up back to Skagway.
Pat - whale watching
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Pat is ready to board the whale watching boat in Juneau.
Whale tail
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This humback whale's tail creates a waterfall when it dives.
Whale - cow - calf
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Mama and baby humpback whales. Just after this, they went under our boat.
Whale - cow calf dive
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Mama and baby dive.
Orca - spy hopping
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An orca does some "Spy hopping" to take a look around.
Orca family
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A male, female and baby orca cruise by.
Orca male
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This is a big male. They have the straight dorsal fins. Female fins curve back.
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A nice rainbow appeared during our whale watching trip.
Orca Point Lodge
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We had a nice grilled salmon lunch at the Orca Point Lodge on this island.
Mendenhall Glacier
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After whale watching, we visited Mendenhall Glacier.
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In Ketchican we visited aTlingit village.
Native dance
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Tlingit dancers perform in the clan house.
Native dance- guests
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A few guests were invited to join the dancing.
Orca statue
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Closeup of an orca statue in Vancouver.
Victoria Ferry
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The ferry that took us to Victoria holds 465 cars.
Butchart Gardens - sign
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We visited the Butchart Gardens in Victoria.
Butchart Gardens
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Certainly one of the best gardens I've seen, including those in France.
Pat-Me-Butchart Gardens
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Pat and I enjoy Butchart Gardens.
Gene Butchart stones
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I maneuver the stepping stones in the Japanese garden.
Butchart Cove
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A view of the Butchart Harbor.
Victoria Statue man
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This statue/man was standing at the inner harbour in Victoria.