The Island of FOHR

Modified 6/30/08

A dike protects the north, east and west part of the island
from storm surges. Sheep graze on the dike to keep the
grass down
and to help pack the soil.
Nearly every house has some roses in the garden.

The island has many reminders of its history and culture
including the many windmills.




Many of the homes have thatched roofs and their gardens are gorgeous.  

Wind blown


Cows on the marshland

Dog training

Biking the marsh

Here, Ellen, Chris and Pat pedal across the marsh on our way to Utersum.
Pat and I rented bicycles and rode every day, often in the face of strong winds.

This woman was training her border collie in the marshland near Oevenum.


The island is very flat and the steady, strong, westerly
winds put a definite lean in the trees, but the cows
don't seem to mind

This is a view from the trap of a vogelkoja
(bird trap)
that was used to trap wild ducks for market.
The trapper would have tame ducks in the pond which would decoy the wild ducks to land in the pond. He would then throw feed near the entrance to the trap to attract the ducks. Once they passed the entrance, he would jump out and flush them into the funneling wire trap where a cohort  would grab them. When in operation, the 6 traps on the island caught 30 - 40,000 ducks in a season. Today, only a few ducks are trapped this way each season for tradition sake.

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