*For those that find it a challenge to put names with faces, I've labeled many of the photos

Frudden family

The Fruddens

Front Row: Eleanor, Marian, Marian and Inge

Back Row:  Eleanor, Troy, Jason, Lynn, Freddy, Svea, Ernie, Ingke, Pat and Lora

The men

Front: Harald, Fred and Bob

Back: Troy Jason, Freddy, Dale, Ernie and Gene

L-R: Freya, Freddy, Svea, Audrey, Ernie, Jason, Troy and Eleanor

Ernie and Eleanor's father, John Frudden was the brother of Freddy's mother, Ellen.

Fred, Marian, Inge and Lynn

Fred always seems to be surrounded by Frudden women.

Freddy, Ernie and the boys

The Frudden men.

Harold, Marian, Elenore and Dale

Harald, Eleanor, Marian and Dale

In the kitchen

Inke, Bob and Lora

Ingke, Bob and Lora

Pat, Inge and Marian

Pat, Inge and Marian

Looking over an old photo

Eleanor, Marian and Lora, looking over an old photograph

Pat and fred

Frudden Get-together

(Last modified: 8/3/08)

On Saturday, 8/2/08, Marian and Fred Ufferfilge hosted a get-together for the Frudden relatives.  There were 14 Fruddens and 7 of us ausländers. It was a wonderful reunion, thanks to the efforts of Fred and Marian, especially since they had just returned from a trip to Russian a week earlier and are in the midst of buying and selling houses.  The timing was important for Freddy Oldsen who had to return to Germany today after a 2 week stay with his daughter, Svea and her friend Freya. Though we had a great time, we missed those who weren't able to be there.

Among those attending were Ernie Frudden, his girl friend, Audrey, and his sister, Eleanor with her son, Troy,  Larry Frudden's son Jason, Marian and Dale Farber, Eleanor and Harald Lorenzen, Inge Dahl and her daughter, Lynn, Ingke Rickmers and her sister, Lora, Lora's husband Bob, Freddy Oldsen, his daughter Svea and her friend Freya,  Pat and I and of course Fred and Marian.

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