Grandkids Slide Show

This Slide show has lots of photos taken over the last 8 years of my grandchildren. There is no particular order  to the slides and any thing that looks like logical grouping is purely coincidental.  There are nearly 150 photos, but the slide show doesn't require you to look at them all. There are "thumbnail" photos and  the ability to stop the slide show and select the photos you want to view  in a larger format. I built this site for my benefit to make it easy for me to  peruse the photos, but if you enjoy looking, then all the better.


1. Click on "Pause" symbol on left margin to stop the slide show
2. By moving the slide-bar or hovering over the thumbnail photos,
    you can scan them left or right.
3. Click on any thumbnail photo to view a larger format of that photo
4. Click on the large photo to manually step through the photos
5. Press the 'Space' bar to Start/Pause the slide show.

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