Arc de Triomphe

On May 28th 2012, Pat and I headed to Paris, France to embark on a bicycle trip of the Loire Valley with VBT, a company that has arranged many trips for us in the past.  Our first 3 days were spent in Paris. We spent this time leisurely touring the city via the Metro, Seine River Boat, and walking. Having been to Paris before, we didn't feel the need to rush from attraction to attraction.  After Paris, we were taken by bus to a Hotel in a small village, Tavers, in the Loire Valley. And, from there we cycled for 6 days down the valley, where we saw many interesting and beautiful places. We were guided by Pierre and Alain, who were excellent guides and provided us with many historic insights to the area. There were 12 people on the trip and we came together as a group very quickly.

I have assembled a slide show from the photos I took during the trip, which you can see by clicking on the small photo below:


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