Molunkus Bronzback Adventure

Molunkus Harry
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A trip to Molunkus Lake, Maine for some smallmouth bass fishing - June 2007

My brother Jack, brother-in-law Steve and I spent a week at Harry's Lodge in Molunkus, Maine to do a little bass fishing in Molunkus Lake, the Penobscot River and the Mattawamkeag River. The accommodations were great, the fishing was very good and we had a wonderful, relaxing time as guests of Bob and Jackie Paasch.


This was our home away from home for the week.

Molunkus Lake
This is an evening view of the lake and our boat dock. The lake is about 7 miles long.

First fish
Steve pulls in the first fish of the trip on the first evening of our arrival.

Jack relaxing
Jack relaxes as I motor us out to a 'Hot Spot'.

Gene Bass3
Me with a nice Molunkus Lake Bronzeback.

Steve Bass
Steve with another strong fighter.

Jack - Pickerel
Jack with a 2 foot+ pickerel.
We found a spot with quite a few pickerel for when the bass fishing got slow.

Gene - another bass
Me with another nice one. We caught lots of these beauties during the trip,
 probably averaging
2-3 fish per man for each hour we fished.

I used my fly rod much of the time, using poppers which I tied prior to the trip. The popper on the
left was the one I used for nearly the whole time. As you can see, it got pretty beat up by those fish.

These large mayflies were on the water very often. On the last evening, there was a
 good hatch and we caught a number of fish that were coming up for them.

We saw loons nearly every time we went on the lake.

During the heat of the afternoons, we sometimes took a ride through the wilderness logging roads.
We spotted this doe getting a drink on a stream. We also saw several grouse with chicks
and a bald eagle which flew about 75 feet above our heads when we were on the lake.

Mattawamkeag river
Jack and Steve fishing from the shore in the Mattawamkeag River.
We caught a number of nice bass here and in the Penobscot River.

Bob and Jackie
Bob and Jackie take a break from their 'life of leisure' to get some firewood and kindling ready for next winter.

Brandy, on the left, and Bailey have a tug-o-war over a red squirrel.
They are pests that get into the house and attic, so Jackie shoots them when Bailey lets her know there
is one in a tree by the house. The dog will sit at the base of a tree for hours until Jackie gets the 22 rifle.
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