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Molunkus Lake
On the porch
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Shooting the bull on the porch
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A bit of salad before dinner
Wood pile
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Bob and Jackie's wood pile for next winter
Lumber load
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Bob's load of pulp wood ready go to the mill.
Walking Salmon Brook
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A boardwalk at Salmon Brook Bog
Salmon Brook Bog
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Salmon Brook Bog
White lady slipper
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White lady slippers at the bog.
Maine farm house
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A pretty farm house near Presque Isle.
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The Penobscott is high. We can usually stand on the rocks out in front of Bill.
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A mother hen grouse crossing the road.
Grouse chick
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This grouse chick flew up into a tree when I approached.
Red-belly snake
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A red-bellied snake Bill and I spotted on a walk.
Art-Gene-Jack in boat
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Three men in a tub! We had 2 boats for the 5 of us.
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My nephew Gene with a nice bass. He has the hood on to keep the mosquitoes away.
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A nice bass that measured a little over 18".
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Bill with a nice small mouth bass.
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Art with another nice bronzeback.
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Bill and I caught a double - both bass hit at the same time.
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Bill with a nice pickerel.
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Jack shows off a nice one.