Ridin-Hy Ranch 2007

In August, Pat and I went with the kids and grandkids up to the ranch in the Adirondacks of New York. We had a great time, enjoying hiking, horseback riding, fishing, softball, tennis and many of the other activities provided at the Ridin-Hy Ranch.

One afternoon, all the kids were deputized to form a posse and save the lifeguard who was kidnapped by the Indians.

Sofia Lesson
Giselle and Sofia took daily riding lessons. Sofia is old enough to join the slow trail rides, and will
be able to join the intermediate rides next year. During this lesson she's learning to trot her horse.

Giselle, as a cowgirl.

Elizabeth really enjoyed the time with her cousins.

Feeding the animals
Max and Giselle made sure the animals got their share of carrots.

Elizabeth at lunch
Elizabeth plays with a cup during lunch.

Kids on raft.
The kids had a great time in the lake jumping off the raft.

Max swimming
Max practices his doggie paddle with a great kicking technique.

Burnt Pond
The outlet at Burnt Pond in an evening fog.

Kevin and me with a couple of the small pickerel we caught at Burnt Pond.
The lilly-pads ensured we lost more than we landed, but we had a great time with lots of action.

Hike photo
Pat and Lori during the hike over Buck Mountain to Burnt Pond.
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