I took this photo at sunrise, from our balcony at the King's Ransom Inn
On April 11, 2004, Pat and I left with our friends, Chuck and Ina, for a hiking vacation to
Sedona, AZ. We spent the week at the Quality, King's Ransom Inn and took daily trips to
local hiking destinations. There are more hiking trails in the area than one could take in a
dozen week long vacations. Chuck and I bicycled through this area when we did our Los
Angeles to Boston bike trip, and this trip brought back many memories. On this trip we
visited Jerome, Prescott, Oak Creek Canyon, Winslow, Holbrook, the Painted Desert and the
Petrified Forest. We had a great lunch at the "Brown Mug" in Winslow - at least as good as
we remembered. Considering the short time we had, we decided to try to hike the various
terrains available in the area, including the "Red Rocks", Desert and the hardwoods of the
Oak Creek Canyon. We also got to visit ancient cliff dweller ruins at Montezuma's Castle,
Montezuma's Well and Palatki National Monuments. This site contains a few of the more
than 100 photos I took during the trip. I usually try to refrain from taking scenery photos
without people in them, but I couldn't help myself, given the beauty of this area.