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Jack in the pulpit
Jack-in-the-Pulpit Berries2
  Morel Mushroom.jpg - File name            :DSCN0019.JPGFile size            :715.1KB(732217Bytes)Date taken           :2003/05/26 16:10:19Image size           :1600 x 1200Resolution           :300 x 300 dpiNumber of bits       :8bit/channelProtection attribute :OffHide Attribute       :OffCamera ID            :N/ACamera               :E775Quality mode         :FINEMetering mode        :MatrixExposure mode        :Programmed autoSpeed light          :NoFocal length         :5.8 mmShutter speed        :1/8.6secondAperture             :F2.8Exposure compensation:0 EVWhite Balance        :AutoLens                 :Built-inFlash sync mode      :N/AExposure difference  :N/AFlexible program     :N/ASensitivity          :AutoSharpening           :AutoImage Type           :ColorColor Mode           :N/AHue adjustment       :N/ASaturation Control   :N/ATone compensation    :NormalLatitude(GPS)        :N/ALongitude(GPS)       :N/AAltitude(GPS)        :N/A  
Hooded Pitcher Plants
Fiddlehead Fern
Indian pipes - erect

Morel Mushroom
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