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The Allentown High School Class of 1962 is planning a reunion from
Friday, October 5, 2012 through Sunday, October 7, 2012

It will include:
A tour of the high school  -  Dinner at: 
The Hall At Jackson Crossing
 -  Sunday luncheon
Get ready to meet your old friends and have a party!

Registration form now available (click "REGISTER TO ATTEND")

Class trip
Click for photo of the class trip to Washington D.C.

Graduation photo
Click for graduation photo of the AHS Class of 1962

Click on the album to see photos of classmates and activities.

New photos of classmates that attended the reunion are now in the photo album
(last update  12/01/2012)

Message board
Click on the message board to leave a message for your classmates, or to have someone get in touch with you.

(No messages will appear on the web site without your permission, nor will any email addresses

or personal information be posted. All messages will be approved by the adminisrator before posting)

1962 Time Capsule
What was the world like in 1962?

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