This page has been created to keep Allentown High School alumni informed
about class reunions. I, as webmaster, do not accept responsibility for content or the accuracy of the content. I will post announcements, registration forms and other information provided to me by reunion commitees and class members.

Those submitting forms, etc, please send them to me in a WORD document or as a PDF file, if possible. I will also post photos sent to me via email.

You may contact me by email at: (replace "-at-" with @)
(I am the husband of Pat Frudden, class of 1962)

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50-Plus annual reunion

WHO: we are an organization comprised of alumni and attendees from allentown high school who have graduated fifty or more years ago, in other words, the 50+. 
WHAT: there are no dues, no meetings to go to, just your attendance at our yearly get-together.
WHEN:  almost always the the first sunday afternoon of october--hopefully the day after your celebration of  the 50th reunion of your graduating class.
WHERE:  the german-american society located on uncle pete's road off the allentown-yardville road just past the nj turnpike overpass.
WHY: because your class will be this year's honored inductees.  join us and renew, rekindle old friendships.
     we offer this website as a courtesy so that organizers of your 50th class reunion can post forms and relay information to you and make your 50th a great experience. we are not involved in the planning of your reunion, but once plans for your reunion are up and running, we will contact you about our 50+ affair so as avoid confusion. 

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