Fohr 2008

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Family and friends

Freya, Svea and parents

Simone, Ralf, Freya, Svea and Freddy

When we arrived in Hamburg, Freddy, Svea and Freya were there to greet us. The girls and Freddy are going to visit us this summer. Freddy will stay for 2 weeks and the girls for a month. We then drove to Freya's house , near the town of Heide, to meet Freya's parents and family. They gave us a wonderfully warm welcome and then we joined them and Freya's brother and 2 sisters  for a great breakfast.

Chris and Ellen

We stayed with Chris and Ellen Oldsen at their home in Nieblum. They made us feel right at home, and it was a wonderful visit.

Anke Rassmussen

Freddy and Tina
Anke Rassmussen came to visit from the mainland. On our visit in 1994, we stayed with her mother, Laura, and met Anke at that time. We have stayed in touch with her since then.

Chris and Ellen - patio
Freddy and his girlfriend, Tina, also came to visit for a day.

Geshe and Heide

Heide and Geshe 2

Chris and Ellen's daughter, Heidi, lives only about a mile away, so she is able to visit often with her daughter, Gesche.

Geshe on bike

Heide with Gene and Pat

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This photo is very symbolic, as Gesche leads her Opa around the yard on a leash.

Geshe & Opa

Freya and Svea
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