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Anole Lizard

Anole Lizard

This lizard was found in Georgia. It is not native to New Jersey.

Carpenter Bee

Carpenter Bee

This bee, though interesting, can be destructive. It bores dime-size holes in wood surfaces on houses and out-door furniture.

Baby Blue Bird

This baby blue bird was waiting for it's mother to bring a bug. I waited a short while, and she came with dinner.

Box Turtle

This is probably the nicest color I've seen on a box turtle. He was munching on the mushroom on the left edge of the photo, when I approached him.

Brown Pelican

This photo was taken on the Indian River inlet in Stuart, FL.


Meadow Fritillary Butterfly

Turkey Vulture

Often called a buzzard, this guy was enjoying some "road kill" - probably a ground hog.

Downy Woodpecker and Cardinal

These two were sharing some lunch on a wintery day.


Chipmunks, though cute as all get-out, are a destructive pest when around houses.

Water Moccasin
(aka Cotton Mouth)

I took this photo on the banks of the Savannah River in Georgia. We were hunting feral hogs, and one of the guys stepped out of the boat to tie us up and nearly stepped on the snake. You can see by the white of his open mouth why he's called a cotton mouth. He was very large, with a diameter of about the size of a man's wrist.

White Tail deer - doe

I liked the lighting on this photo and the next. Although they are so common, I always enjoy watching deer.


Eastern Painted Turtle

Cardinal Eggs

Both the cardinal and the robin have low nests, which makes it easy to peek in. These two nests were only about 100 yards from each other, near the edge of a field in Allamuchy.

Robin Eggs

Field Mice

These mice were wintering over in an abandoned blue bird nest.

Snake in the tree

I took this photo near Stuart, FL, and I believe it's a black rat snake.

Frog in a flower

If you look closely, you'll see a frog hiding in the center of this flower. I took the photo in Florida.


It's hard to get these guys to stay still for a close-up, sometimes.


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