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Hognose Snake

This is a young snake. The pattern becomes less distinct as they get older. The hognose has a strange behavior pattern. When threatened, it first spreads it's head to appear to be a poinsonous snake and, if that doesn't work, he will often pretend to be dead.

Marbled Orb Weaver

I found this beauty on a cool October morning.

Black and Yellow Argiope

This orb weaver was found in Florida. It's pattern is very similar to the Marbled Orb Weaver above, but far less brilliant.

Pickerel Frog

This frog is not usually found in the water, but water is not far away.


The Eft is a non-aquatic phase of the red-spotted newt.

Red-Spotted Newt

Newts are found in the water.This guy was among about 50 that were swimming near the surface of a small pond near Mendham, NJ.

Jefferson Salamander

I found this guy under a log in the Rockaway River WMA, NJ.

Leadback phase of the Redbacked Salamander

Marbled Salamander

Northern 2 Lined Salamander

Northern Red Salamander

This is the prettiest of the Salamanders, in my opinion. I found this guy hiding under a log.

Northern Slimy Salamander

This guy oozes a slimy, noxious substance when alarmed, so does the Jefferson Salamander. That stuff is very difficult to was off after it dries.

Northern Dusky Salamander

I turned this guy up under some leaves in a spring.

Spotted Salamander

The spotted salamander is one of the species that only lays eggs in vernal pools. I find lots of their eggs when I'm doing my work for the Engangered and Non-game Species Program for the NJ Fish and Wildlife Department.

Tiny Crab

I found this tiny crab in Florida, on the bank of the Indian River in Florida.

Garter Snakes Mating

If you will look closely, you'll see that there are 2 snakes in this photo.The female is much larger than the male. The male's head is a few inches back from the female's head.

Spotted Turtle

The spotted turtle is fairly rare in New Jersey and is being considered for inclusion on the "threatened species" list.

Swallowtail Butterfly

A very pretty and common butterfly in New Jersey.


I think this is a bullfrog tadpole, but I'm not sure. It was quite large.

Tree Swallow

A very pretty bird. This one was nesting in a blue bird box.

Northern Water Snake - juvenile

It's amazing how alike the juveniles of different snakes are in appearance.

Wood Frog

I find a lot of wood frog eggs in vernal pools, also.


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