One day, Pat, Ina and Chuck went into Sedona for a
little shopping, so, I took a hike up Thunder Mountain.
There was no trail, so, I followed a wash up as far as I
could go (I ran into a cliff) and I was rewarded for my
effort with this beautiful view.
Chuck along the West Fork of Oak Creek
Pat crossing the West Fork
I couldn't get this photo in my view
finder, so I took 2 photos and pasted
them together. Isn't modern
technology wonderful?
Lizards were the most common form of wildlife that I saw.
They were everywhere!
Montezuma's Castle
This is a 100 room Sinagua ruin.
Montezuma's Well
This small lake is a sinkhole in the middle of the desert. It
was used by the Sinagua people for irrigation of their crops.
There are ruins along the walls of it's perimeter.