Fishing Molunkus Lake 2009

In June 2009 my brother, Jack, brother-in-law, Steve,
Bill and I went up to Maine for a fishing trip at Molunkus Lake.

We had a great trip, caught plenty of fish, the weather was good, though
it rained all day Friday, and the owners of Harry's Lodge, Jackie and
            Bob Paasch made sure we were comfortable.

Boys in boat
Jack and Steve motor out to a hot spot.

On 2 of the mornings it was very foggy, making navigation difficult.

Bill with bass
A really nice bass caught by bill.

Gene bass
This guy was in shallow water. He made a "V" towards the lure making me think it was a pickerel.

Pickerel - 1
A nice pickerel.

Pickerel - 2
This 25"+ pickerel was is the biggest pickerel I've ever caught.

Fighting a big one.

Boys on the dock
Coming in, out of the rain on Friday.

Log truck
Bob drives this logging truck to the paper mill in Skowhegan, ME.

Having a beer and swapping stories after a hard day on the lake.

Mt Katahdin
While Jack and Steve were golfing, Bill and I took a ride to Baxter State Park.
This is Mt. Katahdin, at 5,267-ft it is the highest peak in Maine and is the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail.

Yellow bellied sapsucker
This yellow-bellied sapsucker has her head in a hole, feeding her chicks.
I spotter her about 1/4 mile from the camp when we took a walk one afternoon.

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